Thursday, January 4, 2007

John L. (Jonah) Manning

PHILOSOPHY: I feel that self-understanding is the way to peace: to know oneself is to know the world. Everything I feel, think, and do is done so with this core motivation as a priority.


Born 9/20/77 White male

Height 6'0" Weight 145 pds.

WEAKNESSES: -Nastagmus (poor vision, balance)

-mild dyslexia (not clinical)

-slow processing speed disability

EDUCATION: High school – Episcopal High School, VA - 1 ½ years

Heathwood Hall E. S. - graduated

College - University of the South - 2 years

University of Montana – graduated Spr. ‘04

Major – English - Creative Writing

U. M. GPA – 3.8

Independent Studies – religion, mythology, philosophy and mysticism.

HONORS: -College

-President’s Award

Outstanding Graduating Senior– English

-Bonhomme Scholarship

-Dean’s List / College of Arts & Science Scholar


-Special Honor –Sophomore Cross-country

- Team Captain –Senor Cross-country

- Special Honor –Senor Cross-country


-Team Captain – soccer

-Most Valuable Player - soccer


High-school –“Best All Around”


Opportunity Resources –

“Most Likely to put a Smile on Your Face”


Lectures: Philosophy of Life – Exhibition of Mastery, Spr. ‘96

Robert Frost and the Hero’s Journey – Spr. ‘02

Hero Archetypes in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings - Spr. ‘03

Early Christianity and Mysticism – Fall, ‘03

Charybdis Theory – Spr. ‘04

Charybdis Theory and Existentialism – public, Spr. ‘04

Speeches: Award speech - Fall Athletics banquet, Fall ‘95

Groomsman speech – wedding, Summer ‘99

Eulogy – my mother’s funeral reception, Fall ‘00

Graduation speech – Eng. Dep. Graduation, Spr. ‘04

CERTIFICATIONS: -US Sailing Basic Keelboat -CPR

-PADI Open water diver -Mandt (restraint)

-Advanced First Aid -TEFL (teaching ESL)

ABILITIES: -sailing -horsemanship

-mountaineering -self-defense

-nonfiction / poetry / fiction -running

-telemark skiing -travel

-hunting & fly-fishing -teaching

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: -thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail


-traveled to 48 states in US

-traveled to 40 foreign countries

-5.11 grade rock climber

-climbed Stok Kangri, 6000+ meter peak

-ran sub-five minute mile

-I.Q. in the 92 percentile

(: I understand the Tao


Lugoff Farms

1991 -1997

Ricky McKiethan / Heath Manning 803-788-5052

I have lived and worked on the farm on and off since I was thirteen. I have run tractors, exercised polo ponies, cut firewood, and maintained the property. I also helped make decisions for wildlife management and harvest.

S/V Vixen II

April 10 – May 30, 2001

Captain George Shimert (no contact available) (Rec. aval.)

I worked as first mate on the schooner Vixen II about two and a half months. We sailed from Antigua to the U.S. Virgin Islands, through the B.V.I. and down to Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. As the only crew, my responsibilities were the sailing of the ship and the cleaning and maintenance. This was a very fine job.

Gravity Venezuela Tours

June 8, 2001 – July 25, 2001 (Rec. available)

Living in Merida, Venezuela, I worked for Gravity Venezuela Tours. I served as a public relations coordinator. I helped to find new ways to help tourists find what they need in a clear and professional manner. I was also a salesman for tours offered by the company. I was primarily interested in modernizing and professionalizing this new company into a successful business.

Opportunity Resources Inc.

Nov. 19, 2001- 2003 (?) Supervisor- Steve Calger

2821 S. Russel St. Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 721-2930

I served peoples with disabilities and one client in particular. Maybe the most rewarding job I have ever had. Being involved with improving the lives of people who appreciate your compassion is wonderfully rewarding.

i-to-i International

June 1 – July 31, 2003 Program Manager – Kara Bale

8 E. 1st Ave. Suit 104; Denver CO 80203; USA

(303) 765 – 5325

internet: /

See Volunteer / Community Service.


I worked in Kathmandu, Nepal for two months teaching English to Tibetan monks in Samtenling Monastery while studying Eastern philosophy and religion. A beautiful and peaceful time in life. Incredible culture.

GOAL: I strive to give more than I receive,

To find light behind the shadows,

And to don a smile in my grave.